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Antikythera Shipwreck is Found

By: Yi Qi

Recently researchers have discovered several extraordinary items at the Antikythera shipwreck site in Greece, including bronze statue pieces and a disc or a plate object with a bull printed into it. They are 2,000 years old.

A Greek water diver named Elias Stadiatis discovered the wreck, which was surrounded by rotting mold and items on the bottom of the sea. The captain, Dimitre Kondos, did not believe that, so Kondos dove down to the site himself, and he returned with an arm from a bronze statue.

They also found a good deal of plate cups and other items all dating back to the 60 BC. A very valuable find was a statue of Hercules. "In 1900, [sponge divers] pulled out the statue of Hercules, and now in all probability, we've found its head," explained archeologist Lorenz Baumer. "It's a most impressive marble piece. It is twice life size, has a big beard, a very particular face, and short hair. There is no doubt it is Hercules.”

The ship itself sank under the waters around 70 - 60 BC. Antikythera is in the middle of this shipping road where things get moved and the ship probably sank when a big and large storm smashed it against the island’s very large cliffs.

The site of the Antikythera Wreck has some pieces of a Greek cargo ship from the First Century, BCE. It is near Antikythera which is near Crete.

“It was an enormous ship, carrying the highest-quality material available in the first century B.C.,” said Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution marine archaeologist. “Every single dive on it delivers fabulous finds and reveals how the ‘one percent’ lived in the time of Caesar.”

It also traveled to many places shipping supplies to the needy, factories, and also large stores. But how do they keep them fresh? It’s kind of like space. They put the food in special bags.

This ship might have been found but many more are still hidden. More and more things will be discovered. This wreck has given many details to scientists.


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