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Ant-Man” Being A Real-Life Hero by Being Friends with A Bullied Kid

By: Lucy Chen

This story begins with a little boy named Brody Ridder. He had asked many people from his grade to sign his yearbook, but he only received two signatures from teachers and two from students. He even chose to write his own words in his yearbook, “Hope you make some more friends.”

His mother, Cassandra Ridder, was deeply bothered with her son being bullied in school. After communicating with the school, she posted this message on her private Facebook, and through the help from her friends, she received support from companies, celebrities, parents and kids.

Among all of the messages, one stood out: it was from Paul Rudd, who acts as Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They had a FaceTime meeting in June, and then Rudd sent Brody a handwritten note where he told Brody to remember many people still loved him.

He also received an Ant-Man helmet singed by the actor and his mom says that he is very proud of it.

After returning to school, a group of high school students signed Brody’s yearbook and took pictures with him. His mom said that the support means the world to him. “He’s so excited. He feels hopeful for next year.”

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