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Another person was accused in the brawl.

By: Leon Cui

A large racist fight in Montgomery Alabama had recently happened in August of 2023. The fifth person was indicted for using a chair to attack others.

42-year-old Reggie Ray surrendered to the Police department after being accused of disturbing the conduct of captain Jarrett Williams. His arrest came after four other people were taken to court for the brawl.

The brawl occurred in a popular park when a cruise ship called the Harriott II docked in the park after a journey in the Alabama River. A group of white boaters attacked the black captain of the Harriott.

For forty-five minutes, the captain of the boat demanded that the other boat in the river move out of the way, but instead of doing that they responded with disrespectful taunts and gestures. The co-captain of the ship tried to board the small boat to talk to the owners, but what was supposed to be peaceful talk became physical.

When Mr. Pickett, the co-captain of the cruise ship, who is black, tried to move the boat, The owner of the pontoon began assaulting him. The brawl broke out after more people from the ship and people from the pontoon joined on both sides.

Mr. Ray was seen in a recording of the brawl and charged with using a foldable chair to attack two white people, a woman and a man, with the chair.

The recording also showed a white man punching the co-captain of the ship. Another one of the white men also tried to lock the co-captain of the Harriott in place.

The mayor of the county where the brawl took place wrote on Meta, “In Montgomery, not only will we protect our team members, but we will protect our citizens. If you violate the sanctity of our community and the safety of our citizens, then you will be brought to justice.”

The other people that are accused are Allen Todd, Zachery Shipman, Richard Roberts, and Mary Todd. Mr. Shipman and Mr. Allen were charged with a misdemeanor, and a third deegree assault; Mrs. Todd was charged with a third-degree assault; and Mr. Roberts was charged with two counts of third-degree assault.

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