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Anna’s Worst Day

By: Vivian Hu

I pleaded my mom “Oh please, can I go out?” My mom, tired of my complaining, said “Anna, you may go out if you take Jasmine with you.” I agreed almost instantly. When I was out, I thought about everything. My mom was very poor. My sister, Jasmine, was 3 years old. Our farm wasn’t too far away from our home. Probably just two blocks. Was it?

Jasmine pulled me by the legs. Ouch! “Jasmine, let go!” I cried. She let go. Jasmine started to run. She was excited to go out! I caught up to her just as she was about to run across the street without looking both ways. I pulled her by the arm just as a car zoomed by. I then pulled her across the street and onto the sidewalk. It was hard needing to pull Jasmine on the sidewalk.

Uh oh! Through all the commotion, I forgot that I wanted to go to the farm! I suddenly remembered what Mom told me this afternoon. Mom had said, “I will sell the farm at 7pm today.” I started to run fast, faster than I ever did. Jasmine was having trouble keeping up with me. I slowed down a little so she could catch up. When I got to the farm, Mom was looking at a computer. I looked at the screen. It showed a list of buyers. Mom chose the first one. I told her “Don’t sell it! I still want to have it! It reminds me of dad very much!”

Mom replied, “It’s our only chance to survive. It will give us enough money to live for 10 more years or so. Without selling it, we won’t have enough food to eat!” I was sad, so sad. I ran back and rushed in the house. I wasn’t going to let Mom see that I was crying. I was a 10-year-old girl. I had to act tough, Mom said. Mom and Jasmine hurried after me. I wiped my tears as quickly as I could. I couldn’t let Mom see that I wasn’t tough. Mom walked over to me. Mom said, “I know it reminds you of Dad. But it is the only thing we can do.” This was the worst day of my life!

Before I went to sleep, I thought I wish Dad could be here. He would make everything better. Then I fell into a deep sleep. Dad was sitting on my bed. I gasped. I said, “Dad, is it really you? Dad didn’t answer. Dad smiled. He said, “I heard about today, when you said that you didn’t want Mom to sell the farm because I built it. But the true reason why I built it was for me to stay in your hearts. But now I am already in your hearts. You don’t need it anymore.” I hugged him. Dad said “You can stay and sleep. I will be in the other room.” My eyes snapped open. It was only a dream!

But I wish it could be true. I no longer cared about the farm. Dad was in my heart, and he would always stay there. Sure, I still missed Dad. But I knew I would never forget him. My alarm clock went off. I turned it off. I could hear my mom’s voice, shouting “Anna, wake up!”

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