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Animal Kingdom

By: Jayden Dudek

Alone Aardvarks Astonish

Barking Bandicoots Bite

Clever Chameleons Crash

Dynamic Ducks Discuss

Eager Eagles Elevate

Fascinating Falcons Fly

Glamorous Gibbons Grow

Hazardous Hawks Hide

Illuminating Impalas Imitate

Jolly Jaguars Jump

Knowledgeable Kangaroos Kneads

Lazy Lemurs Lack

Mature Macaws Maintain

Neat Narwhals Nominate

Odd Octopuses Obliterate

Patient Panthers Permit

Quirky Quails Quaff

Rabid Raccoons Rake

Sly Snakes Slithered

Tactful Termites Tighten

Ultra Urchins Upgrade

Valiant Vultures Vanish

Wacky Whales Win

Xenial Xolos X-ray

Yawning Yaks Yell

Zazzy Zebus Zoom

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