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Angry Notes

By: Jessica Jin

I can’t believe that Turkey just got elected as king! All that Turkey did was pull a stupid sword out of rock. How does that make you, all of a sudden, the king! I thought that only a human, who is brave, kind, smart, and loyal to their kingdom had what it takes to be elected a king. The turkey is just a dum, useless farm animal!

I want to hunt down that Turkey and gobble him up for dinner! He stole my job! I used to be king, but there is no bowing now! I must find some guards that are still loyal to me.

I just thought of another thing! That turkey can’t even write this pleasant! Or even fight as well as me! Thinking about this, everyone is furious about this! Well, except the old man of the west. He says that only the best choice for the kingdom as ruler can pull out the sword. Well, I think that is just nonsense! What does a rock get to choose the king! It should be the people or better yet, ME!

Now time to hunt down that turkey…

-The TRUE King


Why me? I’m just a turkey, nothing more. Why do you want to eat me? Yes, I am a turkey, but still…. Why? I didn't ask for this either, you know! It's just my owner…. She had problems. She was a- well, a witch. She cast a spell on me to make me mutibley I am not sure what word you are trying to write here into two for some reason, but it went wrong! It made me see the world differently. I could speak and think differently. I wanted to escape, so I did. But when I did, I was chased by hungry wolves, I only defended myself, I pulled out the sword and fought. Then the next thing I knew, I was king! So you see, I’m only a turkey that is just as confused as you. And calling me useless is not very kind, is it “True King”? What happened to your definition of a king? And anyone can be king! But I do not want you to be angered, I know it is a stressful time, so I invite you to my kingdom to speak about our problems and work it out. Maybe at 1:00 pm on Tuesday? How does that sound?

Thank you for your time


(P.S. My guards are watching you, that's how I knew about your note)


I am not mean! I was speaking the truth! You are a DUM, USELESS animal that was cared for to just get eaten! Some dum villager probably wrote that letter! So, whoever it is, do something good for once and kill that turkey for me?!?! I will go to MY kingdom and retrieve my crown.





In the center of town, our leader, Turkey, beheaded the last ruler that we all know and hate for trying to eat King Turkey.

King Turkey, being the kindhearted king he was, didn’t want to carry out this punishment. But being fair, he allowed us, the citizens, to decide. Votes are in, 100% vote for beheading.

The town cheered as we went after the horrible king. As the ceremony began, citizens cheered as he was displayed and died.

King Turkey was happy to see us citizens cheering. He told us, “Long live the un-kingly king! He shall be an example of being horrible and untrue to our kingdom.”

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