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Angry Cats

By: Yiling Sun

It is time to leave China and return to my home!

I want to see my cats; they’ve been living alone.

They’re furious we left; I can feel it in my bones.

I have to film their reaction with my phone.

I open the door and see them there

Standing next to each other with a confused stare.

First, they are cautious, but then one starts to glare.

The other cat looks like he doesn’t care.

My cats carefully explore our luggage.

They communicate with each other in their “mrrow” cat language.

They were sniffing our suitcases and poking at our package.

I think they’re trying to tell us a message!

I went to take a shower; it was super relaxing.

When I came out, my cats started meowing!

They looked furious, and the older one kept glaring.

At least it’s not like before when they kept staring!

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