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Ancient Turtle Discovery Reveals Jurassic Wonders

By: Lena Lin

Long, long ago, where Germany's Bavaria now stands, there used to be a cool and tropical place full of islands and weird sea creatures. It was like a real-life adventure movie! Back then, about 150 million years ago, there were no scavengers in the water, so when animals passed away, they didn't get disturbed. This made it a jackpot for scientists called paleontologists.

These smart scientists found all sorts of fossils, like fish, sea reptiles, and even a dinosaur with feathers! Recently, they also found a super-flat turtle. It looks like a pancake, but way more exciting. They named it Solnhofia after much consideration.

This turtle was different from today's turtles. It couldn't do super long swims like modern turtles. It didn't have special paddles or salt-removing powers. But it was a superstar in its time, ruling the seas when the dinosaurs were around.

Even though this cool turtle disappeared a long time ago, some scientists think it might come back someday. With all the ice melting now, the turtle's old hangout could return. Imagine that - ancient turtles making a comeback!

So, next time you see a turtle at the beach or in a zoo, even if you are having an amazing adventure in the ocean, remember the amazing story of Solnhofia, the flat turtle that rocked the Jurassic waters. Just like a superhero from the past, it might have a chance to shine again in the future.

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