Ancient Pompeii’s Menu

By Andrew Tan

What do you think a fast food restaurant that is 2,000-year-old looks like?

Well, Archaeologists made discoveries in Pompei, about 18 miles southeast of Naples, Italy. The place was covered with ash and pumice when Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D.79, killing hundreds of people. The ash preserved many “valuables” to archeologists.

Well you're probably wondering, what is on the menu for an ancient Roman street food vendor? The researchers found small remains of duck, goat, pig, fish, and snails in pots made of earth. They found two human remains in a food stall, which is common in Rome. Researchers have found 80 in Pompeii, but this stall was the first to be excavated entirely. "The finds will be further [analyzed] in the laboratory," Osanna wrote in the statement, "and in particular those remains found in the dolia of the counter are expected to yield exceptional data for informing an understanding of what was sold and what the diet was like."



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