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An Olympic Athlete Recently Died From Childbirth Complications

By: Jason Shen

Tori Bowie, an Olympic gold medalist, has recently died of problems from childbirth. Bowie was eight months pregnant when she died at the young age of 32. Evidence showed that Tori was undergoing labor when the unfortunate incident happened.

Tori Bowie was raised in Sand Hill, Mississippi and at age 2 her mother placed her under foster care and her grandmother later gained guardianship. Her grandmother never let her give up on anything at a young age. Tori originally loved basketball, but because of her school's small size, she had to also do track and long jump, because the basketball program was too small.

In 2011, Tori Bowie became the first athlete from the University of Southern Mississippi to achieve an indoor and outdoor NCAA long jump title in a single season. Soon after she graduated, Tori boosted to the number 1 women’s 100 meter sprint internationally.

In 2017, Tori beat Marie-Josee Ta Lou by 0.01 seconds because she dove forward over the line and hit the ground, but when she got up, she was the new 100 meter world champion. After achieving the world champion title, in the spring of 2018, Tori tore her quad. She struggled to return to the 100 meter, most notably in 2019 when she dropped out of the semifinals of the World Athletics Championships in Doha, where she was the defending champion.

The local sheriff's office had sent deputies to check on her after several days of not seeing her. There she was found dead on a bed alone in her home. Black Americans have a much higher chance of dying before and after childbirth than white women. People who compete in track also have challenges with childbirth.

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