An Old Fence Becomes A Tribute To 2020

By Andrew Chan

An old chain link fence circling a parking lot in a residential community in Maryland has found itself being attached to seven wooden boxes. Except, these weren’t ordinary boxes because each one told a life changing story of its creator in 2020.

For instance, one box was filled with pens, arranged in the shape of a pie, missing one slice. This is supposed to symbolize the parts of our society that have been lost, and is also a memorial to help honor the missing piece.

The curator of this masterpiece is Andrea Jones, who lives next door to the fence and works as a museum consultant. She wanted to heal her community, in Brentwood, Maryland, through this difficult year of Covid-19. In the end, she came up with the idea of the lost and found box. She built the boxes and asked her neighbors (both artist and non-artist) to decorate them with what they lost or found in 2020.



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