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An oil rig was turned into a beautiful piece of art

By: Carys Wee

A Weston-super-mare team has made a North Sea oil rig into the See Monster, a big, beautiful art piece. When the piece is finished, tourists will be able to visit and admire the amazing construction piece.

The creators of the art project wanted it to be sustainable. Mark Canniford, of the North Somerset Council, says that "The idea of bringing this back and showing people how this can be of benefit and the lessons that could be learned is fantastic."

The See Monster will open to tourists in August. The 450-ton platform was transported to Weston-super-Mare bay from the Netherlands. The rig will have four levels and a ten-meter high waterfall. It is covered with a 6,000-piece installation of the shimmering monster scales. When the construction is done, it will be 35m tall.

New substance founder Patrick O'Mahony says "These giants are all over the world and no one has ever tried to do this before.... It's like rehabilitation. It's spent its life taking from the earth and now it's time for it to give back."


See Monster_ What's the new art installation made from an old oil rig all about_ - CBBC Newsround.pdf

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