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An NFL star, a murder-suicide and the family left behind

By: Terence Tan

In 1980, a football star shot his wife multiple times and then turned the gun on himself, and we still don’t know why.

His children knew this wasn’t the man they once knew in their youth. One of his sons, the eldest of the boys, recalled that his father came up to him and said that he had to take good care of his brothers and sisters. The youngest son, Jason also remembered that when his father spent his last afternoon with them at a Chiefs game, and during that time their father hugged them many times and that wasn’t something he would do that often.

His children think all this happened because of his helmet. Jim was 6 foot 6 inches tall and was around 300 pounds, and had a massive head. None of the helmets would fit him, so he would have a special one with his name on it. Even with all the size changes the helmet would still barely fit him, and almost all of the padding would have to come out. Making it not even half an inch thick.

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