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An Introduction to Minecraft

By: Selina Cai

Do you like adventure? Do like to survive and fight monsters? Well, if you do, I recommend you to play the game Minecraft! Minecraft is a well-known and well-liked game. Today, I will give you an introduction to the awesome world of Minecraft.

Basic Ideas


Minecraft is a world made-up entirely of blocks. There are few structures that break this general rule The image below shows Minecraft tree. The leaves and the wood are all square blocks.

In this world the majority of things are made up of blocks. The trees are blocks, the houses you make are blocks, etc. A Minecraft world looks like this:

There are particular worlds in Minecraft called biomes. When you open a game, you get a random seed. This seed affects which biome your game will be in. Each biome has different characteristics. Below are a few examples.


In these biomes, there are mobs.

In Minecraft, the term “mob” stands for “mobile entity.” Mobs are living things such as chickens. Though, not all of the mobs are friendly. There are also mob monsters lurking in the shadows. These are some of the friendly mobs.

These are some of the unfriendly mobs.

Monsters come out at night and can attack a player in survival mode (refer to Survival).

Game Modes

I have explained the MC world. Now, I should move on to the game mode. MC has two main game modes:

1. Survival

2. Creative

Survival Mode

In survival the most important thing to do is, survive. If you play on survivor mode your player’s screen will have “heart” bars and “hunger” bars. When you lose all of your hearts, you die. This is a picture of what the bars look like.

In Survival, you use the materials around you to help you stay alive. Wood is the main material. These are examples of different types of wood from different trees.

With wood you can make other tools to help you survive. These are some of the standard tools you can make out of wood.

A sword is used to attack mobs. An axe is used to chop wood related blocks. A pickaxe is used to mine stone related blocks. The shovel is used to dig dirt or sand related blocks, and finally, the hoe is used to farm.

Creative mode

In creative mode, there are no boundaries to what you can do. You have full access to every block in Minecraft. Creative mode is mainly for you to be unleash your wild imagination by building amazing structures. You can fly around undisturbed by the mob monsters. You can’t die in creative mode because the main objective is to build.

Instead of having to find materials to make cool blocks, you can get them just by taking it from this place. In creative, you can build castles, mansions and even a whole city. You have an unlimited supply and room. This a mansion someone built in Minecraft.

You can even build famous monuments like the statue of liberty.

Minecraft is a very interesting game. Every day, more and more people join this virtual world. It can activate critical thinking, improve problem solving skills and inspire creativity.

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