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An Art Installation is Made from an Old Oil Rig

By: Alvin Xu

A team in Weston-super-Mare has thought of a pretty special idea! They’ve planned to turn an old oil rig into public artwork called the See Monster. As large as a soccer field, it was delivered to Weston-super-Mare Bay. The people behind the project want to get people to discuss sustainability.

The entire construction is approximately 35 meters tall. The See Monster has four levels that include a waterfall, 6,000 pieces for the monster’s scales, a green oasis, a broadcast studio, and a seating place. The 450-tonne platform was delivered from Netherland to the bay.

New substance is one of the group’s behind the project, and they thought that the public artwork was an "ambitious feat of design." The founder of this group, Patrick O'Mahony, said that "These giants are all over the world and no one has ever tried to do this before.... It's like a rehabilitation. It's spent its life taking from the earth and now it's time for it to give back."

Mark Canniford from North Somerset Council, said that “The idea of bringing this back and showing people how this can be of benefit and the lessons that could be learned is fantastic."


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