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An Angel’s Final Wish

By: Isabella Wong

I now look down into the world

That I’ve left behind.

Right beneath these clouds

Is a town so confined.

I gaze down

At each blade of grass

And every drop of sweet honey

Which I’ve left in my past.

I kneel down to the gates of God

And plead for one last trip

Down to the world where I once lived

Where I used to jump and skip.

God nods and approves

Of my returning back home.

He says with a stern look

You have until sunset to roam.

For the first time in a while

I feel the blades of glass

I taste drops of pure sweet honey.

I sight the people of my past.

But now I must leave the earth I once lived.

For the sun is starting to set.

I must say farewell

To the place I could never forget.

Suddenly I feel a tingle and a prick.

I hear a slight sound.

My arms begin to glow a beautiful light

As my legs have left the ground.

I now look down at the Earth once again.

Now I feel more free.

I am able to see the deer

And the bees.

I celebrate the day

When I visit the place I was birthed,

Because I now feel free.

I am now one with the Earth.

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