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An Amazing Adventurous Adventure 3: Legacy

By: Braydon Chen

Violet and Bob sprinted across the room to the tall metal cylinder that enclosed their mom. The two siblings searched for buttons, levers, anything that would open the glass and let them rescue their mom. They couldn’t let their dad do this. They still didn’t know what he wanted, or why he was doing this. But they knew that if he was going to lock their mom away, sedated, they couldn’t trust him.

Their dad laughed, clapping his hands twice. Then two metal plates slid together over the glass, the cylinder lowering into the ground. Violet and Bob stumbled over the area where the cylinder had existed before, exchanging a worried glance.

“Why are you doing this!” Violet screamed at the same time Bob yelled, “Let her out of there!”

Their dad didn’t say anything. He snapped his fingers, and the room darkened, until it was only lit with a purple glow. He pulled a hood over his face, and two slits of purple light were visible. His eyes.

“Please don’t tell me our dad has another alter-ego!” Bob groaned as soldiers with glowing purple eyes swarmed them.

Their dad slowly stepped back as more soldiers appeared around him, “Why are they glowing purple?”

Violet didn’t answer. She was interested by the glowing color around her. It sparked something inside her, something familiar. It was like something was unlocked inside her, flooding her insides with some sort of power. A pull. Like the purple glow around her was calling to her, waiting for her to manipulate them.

“Violet!” Bob nudged her shoulder, snapping her back to reality, “You’ve been staring at those soldiers for the past minute!”

“Sorry,” Violet whispered, then said loudly to her dad, “So is this the test? We have to fight all these guys?”

“To see if you are useful.” His voice had grown more whispery and ghostlike, echoing off the walls, “This is our legacy.”

“Our . . . legacy?” Bob asked.

“Yes. I have planned many things ahead for you two. But none of that matters if you prove yourself worthless to me.”

“What if we don’t want that future?”

“Trust me, you will once you learn what it is.”

“What is it?”

“No more questions! You must pass this test first. Or you can leave without your mother back.”

Violet and Bob shared a worried look, and they both knew what to do even without them saying it. They came to the palace with the hopes of rescuing their dad and returning their life back to normal, but things didn’t go their way. He wasn’t who he was before. They had to adapt. And the decisions were clear: run away without both their parents or at least have one. There was only one choice left.

One path.

One future.

One legacy.

No more stalling.

Violet and Bob both took a few deep breaths to steady their nerves and then . . .

“Okay, we’re ready. Do what you need to do.” said Violet. Her expression was determined, without any fear.

“Well then. Guards, I give you the permission to attack!”

“What? No!” Both siblings yelled in unison. But it was too late. The soldiers surrounded them, coming closer, their weapons glinting in the purple light. Too many weapons.

“We’re never going to make it out of here!” Bob yelled, “We’re going to die!”

Their dad didn’t do anything. He just laughed. Coldly, letting it echo around the room, sending chills down the siblings’s spines, somehow making the words Bob said true.

We’re going to die!

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