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An Afghan teen makes it to the U.S., but his family is left behind in Kabul

By: Justin Zhao

In August 2021, BH, a seventeen-year-old Afghan teen, made it to the US, but his family was still in Kabul. He is called BH to protect his and his relatives still in Kabul’s identities. BH flew to the US because the Taliban invaded Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital.

His uncle helped the US military, so the family is in great danger. BH knew that he had to push through a crowd but was unable to bring his family with him.

He luckily boarded a plane and escaped without his family.

"It was a dark day for me because I lost my whole family,"BH said.

He decided to fly to Virginia and was able to get financial aid. He rented an apartment. He went to high school as a junior. He later got more assistance at a church after someone found out he had little time as he only eats, sleeps, and studied.

Now, his family is about 8,000 miles away in great danger. He still is in the apartment he rented. However, he is going to school but not socializing with other people. After school, he just goes dashes straight to the elevator and goes to the tenth floor were he lives in a studio.

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