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An Abstract Piet Mondrian Painting Hung Upside Down for 77 Years

By: Jason Li

A few paintings in the Kunstsammlung museum in Dusseldorf, Germany, by Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian in 1944 have been found to be hung upside down for 77 years.

A museum curator and art historian, Susanne Meyer-Buser, discovered that these paintings have been hanging the wrong way for decades after she saw a picture from 1944 that showed the paintings hung the other way. The painting won’t be rotated to be hung the intended way because it is said to be too fragile.

If it is impossible to tell the right way to hang a certain painting, I think it would be a good thing because it could be versatile. Another reason it might be good is that art is the most special and understood by the artist. It might be really nice to know that you can hang a copy of the painting however you want to and think it looks the best.

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