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Amidst Sri Lanka political and economic crisis, cricket is rising up again.

By: Chloe Xiao

Recently in Sri Lanka, there has been a severe economic crisis in some important items like gasoline, with Sri Lanka’s inflation rates going up nearly 50%. Despite the people using slightly peaceful protests, the newly assigned acting president, Ranil Wickremesinghe, decided to order the army to do whatever it took to stop these protests.

Sri Lankan’s are living with daily power cuts, with shortages on essentials, like fuel, food, and medicine. Many people now wait in line for days or even a week just to try and fill up their gas tanks, with gasoline prices skyrocketing. The country is also unable to provide fuel to essential services, such as buses, trains, and medical vehicles, making transportation an even larger issue. Soon after, the government had decided in late June that they would ban the sale of petrol and diesel for any non-essential vehicles for two weeks.

However, despite all of their struggles, Sri Lankans seemed to have come closer to cricket in some of their darkest ages, with many crowding in front of a flickering and dying television screen to watch their beloved team play the old game of cricket. With most areas of recreational entertainment being closed down, most Sri Lankans have started watching the old-time favorite game, cricket.

This year, The Lions have won at a few of the most important games, like a victory against Bangladesh, and even winning a match against the world’s top-ranked test team, Australia. For many Sri Lankans this is helping lift their morale, with a sportswriter even noting that the fans were cheering and celebrating with a new passion, even if they had lost that match. Some people even believed that the cricket players were part of their march to dispose of the current government.

Despite all of the positivity regarding the cricket team, a player on the team admitted that he had missed a few practices due to waiting in the weeklong lines for gasoline, and that they might not be able to continue the team if they aren’t given necessary supplies like gas, they may not be able to travel to certain places to play. Many Sri Lankans are talking about this amongst themselves, saying that the government should provide more support for the cricket teams as they are raising moral in a dark and nearly hopeless time for a huge amount of Sri Lankans.

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