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Americans are Disappointed at Biden’s Administration

By: Jayden Dudek

A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll revealed that Americans are disappointed with President Joe Biden's Administration.

This ABC News/Ipsos poll was conducted amongst a random national sample of 665 adults from August 5 to August 6, 2022, by Ipsos using the probability-based Knowledge Panel in English and Spanish.

The result shows that 69% of Americans think the nation’s economy is getting worse, 12% think the economy is getting better, and 18% think it is essentially staying the same.

Americans continued to be dissatisfied with how Biden handles the economic recovery. Only 37% of Americans approve of the job that the president is doing and 62% disapproves.

Biden’s rating on inflation is also overwhelmingly negative. The approval rate is 29%, while the disapproval rate reached 69%.

Even though 528,000 jobs were added in July, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people are still not happy with the government.

The polls also asked people their opinions with regards to voting participation. The result shows 75% of Republicans are passionate about voting, compared to 68% of Democrats and 49% of independents.

When asked about how significantly abortion matters to their voting decision, 49% would be more likely to support the candidate who would keep access to abortion legal, while 27% of Americans would be more likely to support the candidate who favors limiting abortion.


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