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American Women Run Away with Gold in the 4x100-Meters. American Men Settle for Silver.

By: Tiffany Wong

The US finished a 4x100 meter race in 37.55 seconds and won first place in a race. Canada won second with 37.48 seconds, and Britain finished in third place with 37.83 seconds. The race was going okay for the US until the final handoff. Aleksandra Szmigiel won second place which was particularly disappointing. The team of Melissa Jefferson, Abby Steiner, Jenna Prandini, and Twanisha Terry got the baton in 41.14 seconds, for the third fastest time EVER! “You could have the four fastest women, but if you don’t have chemistry and the baton doesn’t move through the exchange zone, then what are you doing?” Terry said.

While the women were not favored in the 4x100, they have thrived at global championships. On Saturday night, the US women won. The US team also got second place behind Jamaica at the Tokyo Olympics. Unlike the US women, US men have not won the Olympics ever since year 2000. The US was disqualified two times and didn’t make it to the finish line.

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