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American Women Run Away with Gold in the 4x100-Meters.

By: Alina Fang

Jamaica finished second on Saturday night at Hayward Field, because the U.S.A. won the 4x100 relay in a thrilling race by being that accurate and quick.

At the finish, USA's anchor leg, Twanisha Terry beat out Jamaica's quickly closing Shericka Jackson thanks to flawless handoffs and a strong start. With a record of 41.14 seconds, Team U.S.A. earned its second world championship gold in 2017, narrowly beating Jamaica's mark of 41.18. Third-place Germany was soundly defeated.

The men of the United States were likewise embroiled in an uproar, but this one hurt. Canada took the lead and won the 4x100 relay in 37.48 when the heavily favored U.S.A. stumbled with its final handoff. With a score of 37.55, the U.S. came in second, much behind Great Britain in third with a score of 37.83.

The U.S.A. got off to a terrific start thanks to Melissa Jefferson, who successfully navigated the first bend to put her team ahead. After that, Elaine Thompson-Herah of Jamaica was pursued by Abby Steiner as she sprinted down the backstretch. When Prandini took the handoff, the USA had a lead of about four-tenths of a second.

America's anchor, Terry, had a comfortable lead as she went down the stretch, despite Jamaica chipping away at the lead in the far turn.

Regarding the American men, Elijah Hall and Marvin Bracy's third baton exchange will be the subject of much discussion. Hall eventually fell to the track following the handoff, which made it tricky because Bracy had to slow down a little.

Even if the swap had gone without a hitch, Team U.S.A. still had a lot to do. The entire length of the racetrack saw Canada dominate the Americans.

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