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American Women Get Gold, American Men Get Silver

By: Chase Liu

Saturday’s baton relay was catastrophic for the American Men’s team due to a butchered handoff. The team will have to settle for second place. However, the American Women’s team was perfect and received first place.

It was off to a good start at the beginning of the Men’s relay race. However, Elijah Hall fell over during the final handoff while passing the baton to the anchor, Marvin Bracy. It was a rough start for Bracy as Hall lost team U.S. a significant amount of time, giving the Canadian team enough time to catch up and pass.

Canada got first place with 37.48 seconds, the United States with 37.55 seconds, and Britain with 37.83 seconds.

“It’s bittersweet,” Bracy explained. “When you sweep the 100 and the 200, you expect to come out here and perform better.”

This second-place disappointed many fans because the U.S. won gold in the woman’s 4x100 relay just moments before the Men’s relay. Without any mistakes, the woman’s team, consisting of Melissa Jefferson, Abby Steiner, Jenna Prandini, and Twanisha Terry, finished in 41.14 seconds. The third fastest time in history. However, unlike the U.S. women, the U.S. men haven't won Olympic gold since 2000.

Many people didn’t think the U.S. would win the woman’s relay because just a year before, Jamaica won 100-meters and won gold. The U.S. followed them by getting second. Because of this, the U.S. was not the favored team.

The gold medal won by the American woman, and the silver medal won by the American men surprised everyone. However, even when the American women were the underdogs, they still managed to get first while the American men were flawed.

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