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American men failed to win in 4x100 relay while women came out first

By: Charlie Wang

The American men’s 4x100 relay got held back after the third leg of the relay failed to pass the baton to the anchor. They finished with a time of 37.55 seconds.

The race started out very soothing for the team, but the turnover from third to anchor, messed the team up. Hall, who ran for the third leg, fell before making the pass to the anchor which cost them precious time. Right before the finish line Andre De Grasse of Canada held his hands high in the air while also holding first place from Bracy, the anchor for the Americans.

During the heart stopping race the crowd seemed to be holding their breath when Christian Coleman, Noah Lyles, Elijah Hall, and Marvin Bracy passed the baton. Spectators felt off because numerous times in the past the American Men runners were known for dropping the baton.

Hall said that he will be taking a closer look at how he screwed up and why. The team also has been criticized for how many errors they have made in past races, they say “it’s bittersweet.” After losing their best runner Fred Kerley they still expected winning gold because these runners featured the top ten best runners in the world.

This race was specifically disappointing because it was right after the women won their 4x100 relay. The relay contained Melissa Jefferson, Abby Steiner, Jenna Prandini, and Twanisha Terry, these girls got the job done with no mistakes and sending the crowd into a frenzy. Their time, going 41.14, was also the third fastest time in history.

The women’s USA team were surprised that they won because the Jamaican team that won the 100-meter dash and won Olympic gold was expected to win, but USA swept it away. “You could have the four fastest women, but if you don’t have chemistry and the baton doesn’t move through the exchange zone, then what are you doing?” Terry said.

The men’s relay has not won since 2000’s so now if the teams want to get better, they need to work on their weaknesses. Lewis also tweeted “The USA team did everything wrong in the men’s relay.”

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