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American Cycling Rising Star Magnus White Dies in Tragic Training Accident

By: Pei-Yu Tsai

A member of U.S. national cycling team, 17-year-old Magnus White, passed away in an accident with a vehicle when he was training near his house just days before the Junior Men's Mountain Bike Cross-Country World Championships.

On July 29th, White was practicing cycling with a helmet on the road near his residence in Boulder, Colorado. Unexpectedly, a 23-year-old woman in a Toyota Matrix rushed onto the shoulder of Highway 119 from the right lane and crushed him from behind (NPR).

USA Cycling announced the news of White’s death in an official statement: “He was a rising star in the off-road cycling scene and his passion for cycling was evident through his racing and camaraderie with his teammates and local community.”

White began his cycling training career at a young age. The USA Cycling statement added, "White fell in love with cycling at an early age through Boulder Junior Cycling."

White won the 2021 Junior Cyclocross National Championships, which provided him with opportunities to compete in Europe and earned a call up for the US national team. As part of the US squad, he completed the year 2022 having featured in the Cyclocross World Championships in Arkansas. He also participated in another edition of the Cross-Country World Championships held in Hugehaid in January of this year (HT Sports).

White was about to enter his senior year of high school in the coming weeks. His parents Michael and Jill White said, "Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the tragic loss of our beloved son, Magnus White. Magnus was dedicated to his family and friends and loved to surround them with laughter. He had an amazing smile that always lit up the room, bringing joy to those around him."

According to ESPN, Gabriel Moltrer, the public information officer for the Colorado State Police, stated that the car which hit White eventually stopped after crashing into a fence. Despite the driver remaining uninjured, White was rushed to the hospital after the incident and was pronounced dead. Neither alcohol, drugs, nor excessive speed has been identified as the possible cause of the accident, and the investigation is still ongoing.


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