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America, Land of the Not so Free

By: Evan Hong

In a land not so far, right here today, Lived a nation of folks who loved to display. With hearts full of dreams and wallets so wide, They'd march to the stores with tremendous pride.

Oh, the shops were a-buzzing, the shelves overflowed, With gadgets and gizmos, all shiny and bold. From flashy new cars to the latest smartphones, They craved all the things that would make their presence known.

Their homes are filled with trinkets, so many, oh my! From clothes to appliances, they never ask why. They buy and buy, maybe to forget, that consumerism was a game they might one day regret.

Every day, every hour, they'd spend their hard-earned, On the things they desired, their needs unconcerned. The ads and promotions play a great role, Whispering sweetly, "Buy now, it's good for your soul!"

In the malls, they would wander, their eyes shining bright, With credit cards ready, a dangerous sight. They'd swipe them so eagerly, with such joyous delight, For material possessions were their ultimate flight.

But amidst all the frenzy, something went awry, For consumerism's facade began to run dry. They realized the stuff they owned couldn't bring, That true happiness does not come in a thing.

Their closets were bursting, their wallets now thin, Yet the emptiness grew, like a deep chasm within. They yearned for connection, for love and for peace, But consumerism's grasp refused to release.

So they gathered together, with hopes to reclaim, The spirit of simplicity, to break from the chain. They shared what they had, with those in great need, For the real wealth they found was in a selfless deed.

They valued experiences, memories to treasure, And the joy of relationships, beyond any measure. They learned that true riches can't be bought or possessed, But are found in the moments when hearts are expressed.

And so, in this land, a change slowly took place, As consumerism's hold began to erase. They discovered the beauty of mindful consumption, Finding balance and meaning–a worthy assumption.

For in the end, it's not the things we acquire, But the love we give and the souls we inspire. Let's remember this lesson, oh people so grand, And embrace a world where true wealth takes a stand.

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