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America Has a Problem and Beyoncé Ain’t It

By: Rachel Liao

As soon as the name Beyoncé is mentioned, we all automatically recognize who this is. Beyoncé is the famous American singer and songwriter. In the article America Has a Problem and Beyoncé Ain’t It by Wesley Morris, he discusses the challenges that Beyoncé has faced.

Morris claims that she “sounds like she’s experiencing something personally new and privately glorious” on her new album “Renaissance.” After reading this article, I would give it a rating of four out of five because of the author’s consistency, the details, and language structure.

First, Morris stays on-topic. He doesn’t drift off the page easily, and only focuses on the singer and her songs that she wrote. This is a very positive aspect of the passage because adding too much unnecessary information all over the place would make readers uncomfortable, but Morris successfully avoids that.

The author also includes a lot of interesting information. Although he focused on one consistent topic, he makes sure to discuss several songs that Beyoncé features in her seventh solo album. Morris describes the songs as being “steeped in or conducted entirely with Black queer bravado.” For instance, “Plastic Off the Sofa,” “Church Girl,” “Cozy,” and “Virgo’s Groove.”

The one negative aspect of the article is the way the author writes the article. His unclear writing made me, and potentially future readers confused because we don’t know what the author is actually talking about. For instance, Morris says, “What I’ma say you don’t already know?” It would be recommended if he could have written it in the common tongue. Also, his language usage from the songs that Beyoncé made may be considered as inappropriate.

In conclusion, these are the reasons why I gave the article a rating of four out of five. The author focused on a single topic. He also provides many details but includes inappropriate grammar or language usage. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this passage, but there are parts that could have been improved.

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