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Amazing bears

By: Anna Wang

Rumble,Rumble.Crunch,Crunch.What is the sound?The sleeping forest awakens at every step.A unknown fuzzy clump of fur is climbing on the tree and raiding a beehive.Oh! It is a bear!

Bears might be known as frightening but they also help. Bears are amazing!

There are 8 species of bears and they are scattered over four continents.Bears are mammals and they usually give birth 2 at a time.


The bear species are wary cool.The panda is a BEAR! But the koala is not a bear, but instead, a marsupial. Also teddy bears are not bears alive bears.


Bears eat a variety of food that don’t just include meat. Some bears eat ,fish, plants, seeds, small rodents, elk, nuts, bamboo, and honey. They sometimes even consume the bees in the honey.

Bear Benefits

Bears can benefit the planet.They eat seeds and its droppings provide food for the undigested seeds.They also keep the number of moose and deer under control.Finally they also help eat leftover meat from dead animals.

Bear Tips

There were some bear attacks that lead to serious injury so use these

These facts can help you decrease the conflict with them. First ,make sure you make noise so the bear knows that you are not sneaking on it. If you see a bear, don’t take a picture and do not make quick movements. If a grizzly bear comes, play dead but don’t do it if you can’t identify bears, don’t do it. Some bears might think you are a delicious carcass. ALSO BEWARE of mothers with cubs. The mom might think you will hurt the cubs.

Be sure to follow the tips and have a beartasic time on hikes!

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