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Amateur Metal Hunters Find 1,000-Year-Old Viking Coins In Denmark

By: Yimo Liu

Three amateur metal detectorists found two sets of 1,000-year-old coins in Denmark. WJane Foged-Mønster, Louise Stahlschmidt, and Mette Norre Bækgaard dug through the ground, finding these precious treasures. The coins were Danish and buried in the ground 164 feet away from each other. Those coins were dated around 958-987 CE, the reign of the Viking King Harald.

The coin had a cross on one side that indicated that it was minted sometime around 970 and 980 CE. Some experts suspect that the cross was added to spread Christianity because they believed that the monarch added the cross on the coin. The trove where the coins were kept also contained some ancient cut-up silver jewelry. All the Danish coins kept in the trove included a small cross on one side of the coin.

Somehow this isn't the first time people have found treasures from old civilizations. But this recent discovery is more interesting than the others because it includes a Viking settlement. "The two silver treasures constitute a fantastic story in themselves, but to find them abandoned in a settlement only eight kilometers from Harald Blåtand's Viking fortress Fyrkat is incredibly exciting," says Nordjyske Museums archeologist Torben Trier Christiansen.

Some experts say that the treasures found might have been buried here when the monarch decided to leave this settlement. Or maybe the monarch was forced out of his castle, so he buried his treasures here. This is in the past, and we can't really know everything from it, so we just have to use ancient artifacts to create an inference.

People say that after autumn is over, the field where the two sets of coins were found will be open to some amateur metal detectorists to investigate and study the field, then dig for more treasure.

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