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Allyson Felix Wins 11th Medal in Tokyo

By Kevin Bao

Allyson Felix, usually regarded as the queen of the track, now has her 11th Olympic Medal. She and her super-star American relay team won the 4x400 women’s relay. Felix, who had already won a bronze in the 400m individually, now has a gold to go along with it. Allyson Felix mostly ran for her baby girl Cammy. Her individual bronze was for her baby girl along with an Olympic gold. Felix really has had a career starting in Athens 2004. Now she is at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics where she will end her career with 11 Olympic medals. 7 of them are gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze. And with these 11 medals she is probably the best female to ever step foot on the track. And she didn’t back down from the challenge at Tokyo. Where she has 2 and ½ years to get back in shape after having Cammy. And even with all obstacles in the way Allyson Felix managed to get bronze and gold in Tokyo. All in all, Allyson Felix is the queen of the track.

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