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All four seasons, ranked

By: Austin Fang

Each year has 4 seasons, each consisting of 3 months. These seasons can significantly differ from each other, while also having many similarities. Here are the four seasons, ranked, in my opinion.

Number 4: Spring.

Spring isn’t a bad season. The weather is excellent, and the flowers and trees are blooming. However, it is not as significant as the other seasons. First, it has a low number of holidays, with the only standout being Easter. Secondly, spring is an allergy month. Since the flowers are blooming, there is always an overwhelming amount of pollen in the air, causing sneezes and hives. Also, spring has an immense amount of rainfall, meaning you can’t go outside as often.

Number 3: Summer.

Let me make this clear; summer is amazing. Vacation, the beach, no school, the list goes on and on. So, why is it not second or even first? Well, summer is an extremely hot season. In Texas, where I live, the average temperature during summer is 100 degrees. The heat can get overwhelming, especially if you play outdoor sports such as soccer and football. Also, summer is incredibly boring. No friends, no school, no hanging out.

Number 2: Winter.

If you live in a hot state like Texas or Arizona, winter is like heaven. 3 months of 40-50 degree temperatures where you can go outside, have snowball fights, build snowmen, and sip hot chocolate next to your fireplace. Winter is also the king of holidays. New Year, Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and my favorite of them all: CHRISTMAS! However, winter weather isn’t perfect. In some places, the snow gets very extreme, causing blizzards and hailstorms, forcing people to stay inside. There is also frostbite and hypothermia. Snow is wondrous but also annoying at the same time. You have to shovel it, which is a hassle. Also, it is hard to drive with ice and snow covering the roads.

Number 1: Fall/autumn.

Fall is amazing. The weather is perfect, the trees are an exquisite shade of orange and red, and–the best part–it is chock full of holidays! Thanksgiving, Halloween, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and many others! Also, fall is the best time to play sports, go camping, and have fun with your friends, because it isn’t too cold or too hot! All pros come with cons, however. School and raking leaves are both annoying, but that means we can hang out with friends and spend time outside! Also, fall is flu season, so we have to be cautious not to get sick, which is another downside. However, fall is still the KING of all seasons!

Overall, all seasons are great, and you should enjoy all of them while they last. All of them have pros and cons and make them unique and special. Ignore the cons, and try to make your spring, summer, fall, and winter memorable.

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