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Aliens Invade the Earth

By: Yilin Zhao

It was a normal morning one Saturday; I woke up to find my dad calling me for breakfast. That’s when I heard a very loud whirring noise coming from the outside of my house. I peeked out the window, and there, was a giant UFO that just landed.

I thought they were going to invade the earth because, when they got out they immediately looked at me and disappeared. The next thing I knew, they were in my room. But instead of speaking some weird alien language, they spoke English and did not decide to kill me right now. They were actually very nice and even gave me some of their food which tasted awesome. That’s when I heard my dad call me again and I told the aliens to go back into their spaceship for now. They listened and I went downstairs to eat breakfast.

I knew I couldn’t tell anyone about this, so I kept my mouth shut during breakfast. After breakfast, I went back up to my room and called the aliens back to talk. I asked why they came to Earth, and they said its because their planet was very boring and everyone’s name was the same, so it was very confusing.

Now that they realized Earth is such a good planet, they wanted to stay. But I couldn’t let them stay since people are not going to believe a child that there are aliens. So, I told them they could not stay here, but before they left, I gave them an intergalactic phone to contact each other. I also told them they can visit Earth anytime; they just must be lowkey. I waved goodbye as they flew away.

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