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Alien Invasion in 3000

By: Violet Yan

Flora was always different. Everyone thought she was strange, but they couldn’t figure out why. It was something about her atmosphere and her personality. She even looked like a strange girl with her natural blonde-teal hair and blue-magenta eyes. She was nothing like her family. Her sister, Loca, had brown hair and brown eyes, and her mother had black hair and brown eyes. Maybe she was strange because of her dead father. Her father somehow lived one day without a heartbeat, but then he died. The only person that made Flora feel like she was normal was her friend, Alana. Alana had red hair and golden-teal eyes. Alana also had two younger twin sisters that looked just like her. No one ever realized why Flora was different until one strange day.

Flora panicked as she and her crazy younger sister, Loca, watched the news.

“It can’t be possible! How are aliens real? And why are they taking over the world?” Flora asked.

Loca, being a regular 8-year-old, was hysterically screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Loca! What the heck is going on?” her mother calmly asked.

“Well, basically aliens are taking over, and they are killing every human possible,” replied Flora as Loca had a meltdown.

Suddenly, Alana, Flora’s only friend, yelled, “WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?”

Alana’s younger twin sisters, Miana and Lucia, waddled in and started crying.

Flora said, “Alana, I know you have a lot on your plate, especially for a 12-year-old that has no parents and has two bawling 3-year-old sisters but, aliens are killing everyone and taking over the world.”

Alana looked at Flora and jokingly said, “Ha! Told you something special was going to happen in the year 3000!”

Suddenly, they heard a booming voice and they ran outside to see aliens standing with guns in their hands. They immediately run back inside as the aliens begin shooting. Flora starts to run to the back door where there aren’t aliens shooting, only to realize that she must help the others. Alana shoves Miana into Flora’s hands as she carries Lucia. Loca is running as she trips and falls. Her mother rushes to help her up when the aliens break into the house. Alana and Flora realize it is too late as they continue to run. Bang! Bang! Flora and Alana keep running and they reach the back door. They run outside only to be met by more aliens.

“Wow, those two are smart. But not smart enough!” laughed one alien.

Flora immediately runs and knocks down the alien and takes his gun. She begins to shoot down the aliens and dodge their shots when one alien decides to shoot for Alana.

“Noooooooooooo!” Flora yells as the shot hits Alana.

Lucia begins to yell and screech when another alien kills her. Flora instantly feels something snap inside her. She feels something uncontrollable that takes control of her. Her blonde-teal hair flies up crazily and waves around her head. A black force floods out of her, killing the aliens, destroying buildings, and crippling cars as it continues out and slowly fades away. Flora is confused. She can control herself now, but what just happened? Miana looks up at her and begins bawling.

“Alana! Lucia!” Miana sniffled.

Flora runs and runs as far as she can to find shelter until she reaches the woods. She decides that the woods are probably the safest place as she ran deeper in. She finds a nice river that blossoms with fruits and has many animals. She begins to build a little hut for them to live in as she figures out her powers to save the humans.

After a few hours, she finally has a nice, cozy little hut. She made a moss carpet, a wooden chair, and a nice hanging hammock for them to sleep in. Miana let out a tiny yawn as Flora set her down on the hammock for a nap. Suddenly, a small fawn entered the hut. She walked to Miana and looked at her, as she got comfortable on the rug. She looked alert as if she was going to protect Miana from anything. Flora decided to get some food and water for all three of them. She weaved baskets and filled them with water. She set one down next to the fawn that happily licked the water. She set the other ones for later as she sent out with another basket to collect fruits and berries. She managed to fill the basket to the brim with bright fruits and berries and went to wash them with some water. Miana woke up and pet the fawn as Flora gave her a basket of water. Miana greedily gulped down the water and ate a few berries as Flora wove a fishing net.

“What are you doing?” Miana curiously asked.

“Getting ready for fishing,” Flora replied.

“I want to help!” Miana enthusiastically yelled.

Flora and Miana laid the net into the river and caught a few fish. Miana watched as Flora started a fire and cooked the fish. Flora used a woven plate to carry the two cooked fish as she put the uncooked ones into a bowl. Flora pulled the bone out and gave Miana the shredded fish meat. After eating and drinking for a while, they went to bed and got ready for a new day. For the next week, they did the same thing, but Flora trained her powers so that they were controlled to not kill humans and destroy objects. Soon, they were ready to save the world. They ran back out of the woods only to find a terrifying sight. Aliens were chasing humans while shooting them, blood oozed everywhere, and people were being ripped to shreds.

“Hey, aliens! Remember me? Want to kill me? Then, you’ve got to get me!” shouted Flora.

The aliens growled and chased her as Flora told herself that this would save the world. She let the black force flood out of her as she concentrated harder and harder. She had to get the force around the world. Minutes passed by when she suddenly saw the other end of the force, and she let go. She knew that all the aliens were dead. She was safe. Everyone was safe. But many people looked at her fearfully, but she assured them that she was there to help. She, Miana, and the fawn, which they named Bella, returned to the woods, and expanded their hut. Flora often had trouble dealing with the past, but Miana and Bella always helped her. But ever since then, Flora has changed to be more caring and careful than she ever had been before.

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