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Ali ens

By: Maryann Gao

There once was a boy called Ali ens he was from a different planet it was called pollogum it was a very high-tech place many light years ahead they had flying cars and actual hovering hoverboards as I was saying Ail (the boy) is from a different planet so that means they look different Ail spacificaly has blue skin blond hair and brown eyes don’t worry he has a normal body now lets get spying Ail he is at school and they are going to earth for a field trip they get in to the school spaceship and rocketed towards earth.


Ail and his classmates have gotten of the rocket ship and have been disguised as humans and are wearing name tags so nobody would get confused, but theres a catch the magic that disguised everyone as humans wears of after 1 hour so everyone has to come back 20 minutes early to get counted up and prepared for launch off so Ail headed to the natural history museum and after 40 minutes of looking at earth's sea animals he thought “oh I should head back now” so he started to head back but then he saw the exhibit called Treasures from the past and Ail was like “yes I have to go” but then he was like “no I can’t” and then he looked at his hatch and was like “I have time” so he went, but but but but he stayed for 15 minutes and it was a five minute long walk and Ail was like OH NO so he sprinted back and OH NO he was to late the rocket was already up in the air Ail started to transform back in to his true self but when one of his classmates looked out of the window he saw Ail on the ground and bellowed “WE FORGOT SOMEONE” so the captain flew back down and collected Ail but before Ail got on someone snapped a picture of him and sent it to the FBI so the FBI checked the security cameras for a boy wearing a name tag soon they asked the person is this him and showed the person a picture and the person said “defentally” so they zoomed in on the name tag and found the name Ail ens so the FBI created the name Ailens the unknown creatures known today.

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