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Alex Smith’s daughter recovering from brain surgery for ‘very rare’ tumor

By: Eric Zheng

Alex Smith, the former quarterback for the NFL, has announced that his daughter, Sloane Smith, is recovering after surgery to remove a very rare tumor. Alex Smith posted on Instagram Saturday, saying that his youngest child and only daughter, had been affected by a “strokelike symptom”.

Sloane Smith was taken to the hospital on May 10. It was a very tragic time for Alex and his wife, Elizabeth. “A clock has never moved so slowly, “said Alex, the neurosurgeons did an amazing job and took out the tumor from Sloane’s brain. Her parents and siblings were very glad that she got the tumor out

Now Sloane is back to her bubbly-self, dancing and singing. Family matters the most in this world.

Short and sweet, but you include good details. Make sure to include all the pertinent information at the beginning.

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