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Alex Smith Posts Daughter Recovering from Brain Tumor on Instagram

By: Claire Wang

On May 10th, Sloane Kenzington Smith fell ill due to a brain tumor. Alex Smith, Sloane’s father, posted a message on Instagram explaining the situation and thanking the people who had supported them.

On Instagram, Smith explained that Sloane was sent to Stanford Children's Health Hospital and that there they discovered that his daughter had a very large brain tumor that needed to be removed immediately. “We have been inundated with doctors appointments, scans, labs and tying our best to navigate through this. Most importantly, we’re healing together as a family,” Smith wrote.

Smith described her baby girl as a “sweet, selfless, intelligent, hilarious, witty, fun-loving, an artist, a singer, and a dancing machine.” Smith spoke “that the 10-hour procedure was the most painful time of his life,”. But, soon enough, Sloane recovered from her surgery. “Back to her bubbly self. Singing, dancing, laughing, and feeling good. …But most of all she is an incredibly strong girl that has a ton of fight in her,” Smith wrote.

Finally, Smith thanked the people who had supported his daughter and the rest of his family. “Our amazing medical team, family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers who have touched our lives in the last mouth and a half. We half struggled to keep up on calls, texts, communication and tying to keep loved ones updated. This has been by far the most challenging time we EVER been through. We know it’s not over and we have a journey ahead of us, but without all of you we could not have gotten this far.”


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