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Alex and the Cookie Factory

By: Alan Guo

Alex stood back and admired his work. He had finally finished building his cookie factory in Minecraft. It was a large, impressive structure, with a tall chimney and a giant cookie in the front. He had spent days working on it, and he was proud of how it had turned out.

He walked inside the factory and looked around. The inside was just as impressive as the outside. There was a large room with a conveyor belt that led to a super smelter (gigantic oven). There was a room with a bunch of crafting tables that crafted the cookies. Also, there were cocoa and wheat farms so that all the supplies could be shipped.

Alex was excited to start baking cookies. He went to the room with the machines and started them up. The machines would first ship the supplies to the crafters, and once the cookies were crafted, they were sent to the super smelter and finally finished. Alex smiled as he watched the cookies being made. He knew that his cookies were going to be delicious.

After the cookies were made, dispensers put them on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt took the cookies to the oven, where they were baked. After the cookies were baked, they were taken to the packaging room, where they were put into boxes.

Alex was happy with how his cookie factory turned out. He knew that he was going to make a lot of emeralds (Minecraft money) selling cookies. He couldn't wait to sell the cookies to villagers, which he would obtain by making a villager breeder.

inspiration: I Built a COOKIE FACTORY in Minecraft Hardcore! (#30)

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