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Alaskan Family Finally Finds Dog

By: Joelyn Luo

An Alaskan family has recently given up finding their elderly and blind golden retriever, LuLu, after she wandered away from home three weeks ago on June 18. When a construction crew found her in a salmonberry bush, they said that they thought that she was a bear.

LuLu had lost a lot of weight. She was originally 80 pounds, but when she was found she was only 23 pounds. LuLu’s family was also very sad after not being able to find her, and people made fun of them by pretending they found her when they only wanted to play a prank.

LuLu’s owner, Ted Kubacki, said, “We put the kids to bed and got a text saying, ‘We found your dog,’ or ‘I have your dog,’ and we’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is incredible.’ Then the person texted me, ‘Just kidding.’ This happened, yeah, that was all part of this terrible story.”

When the construction crew spotted LuLu she was on a road that wasn’t very far from the Kubacki home. Although the crew thought she was a bear at first glance, when they got close, they realized that she was a dog, and they quickly got her out of the bush she was hiding behind.

The Kubacki family were very happy when they finally got a real phone call telling them their dog was still alive. However, when LuLu came home, she couldn’t jump up, wag her tail, or pick up her head because she was so tired, dehydrated, and dirty.

Since then, LuLu’s condition has improved a lot. She began eating and picking her head up, and then, she started wagging her tail and even stood up with no help the next day.

However, Ted Kubacki was worried about the veterinarian’s bill since he was a grocery store employee and the only provider for his big family. Fortunately, Alaskan residents donated hundreds of dollars to help LuLu’s family pay for her recovery.

Kubacki said, “We have our family member home.”

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