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Alaskan Blind Dog Returns After Being Lost a Few Weeks Ago

By: Evan Bian

In Sitka, Alaska, an elderly blind dog reunited with its owner, Ted Kubaki just when they lost hope of finding their dog.

“We put the kids to bed and got a text saying, ‘We found your dog,’ or ‘I have your dog,’ and we’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is incredible,’” Kubaki said. “Then the person texted me, ‘Just kidding.’ This happened, yeah, that was all part of this terrible story.” But apparently, the people where just kidding, which was a mean thing to do because the Kubacki’s had a lot of stress.

The Golden Retriever Lulu as she was named was found by a construction crew in a Salmonberry bush mistaking her for a bear. “They got a closer look and they realized that it was a dog, and they got her out of there,” Kubacki said. Lulu was barely alive when she was found the Kubaki’s had to rush her to see the vet after picking up Lulu from the construction workers. All the disappointment for their lost dog disappeared after seeing Lulu in good condition after the vet.

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