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AI storytelling video trend

By: Justin Zhao

The trend shows that on Tiktok and Instagram, there are more and more videos with AI Storytelling. Alisha Arora is a 19-year-old teen that uses TikTok. Arorahas learned some information about AI at MIT.

“I thought it was real,” Alisha said. “It’s hard to draw the line between what’s real and what’s fake.”

Many of the videos show children or famous people talking as if they were talking like people.

Normally they are made using avatars or moving pictures and famous people and AI to make them speak and move. One of the AI-generated videos showed the deceased rapper Tupac Shakur telling a story of his life and death.

The videos were made with an app that made AI videos in just minutes for free. Guy Gandney is based in Oxford, England is the CEO and founder of an AI called

“Kids especially like to experiment and push the edges of what’s possible and that’s OK, that’s part of imagination,” Gadney said. “I would just urge people who are putting up those apps or those systems to think about what they're doing.”

Morgan is a leader in Tiktok.

“Like many technologies, the advancement of synthetic media opens up both exciting creative opportunities, as well as unique safety considerations,” Morgan said.

It has been decided that you can only make videos of public figures if the author is an adult.

“If you're seeing something, which is negative or toxic, move away from it,” Ganey said.

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