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AI Storytelling on Social Media

By: Ashley Ding

AI is becoming increasingly popular and used, but sometimes, not necessarily in a good way. People on social media like TikTok or Instagram often post videos of fake, AI-generated stories, most being a fake kid telling a fake account. Not all of these videos are appropriate, though.

Some of these videos feed people false information, like telling people lies about celebrities or showing a video of a known dead person speaking to them. Many of these videos appear on people’s ‘for you’ pages.

Alisha Arora, 17, is a teenage TikTok user who lives in Mississauga, Ontario. She saw a video of a Basketball player telling his story.

“I actually thought it was real,” Alisha said i“It’s hard to draw the line between what’s real and what’s fake.”

TikTok has banned the posting of AI-generated videos. “Like many technologies, the advancement of synthetic media opens up both exciting creative opportunities, as well as unique safety considerations,” a TikTok spokesperson said

Users can also change their feed by skipping the videos that seem interesting or just click ‘not interested’.

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