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AI Robots Have Racial and Sexual Preferences

By: Kevin Bao

AI robots have trained themselves to have sexual and racial preferences, proving that they are capable of discrimination.

A study shows that an AI robot chose a Black man’s face over and over again according to The Washington Post. They have responded with words like “homemaker” and “janitor'' to women of different colors.

Another study shows that this could happen if people lead AI into other conflicts in this world that humans need robots to help them solve. More and more companies have been developing their robots to help them with a lot of the work that is needed to keep their companies running.

This could affect people of diverse racial or sexual differences. Robots have said that Latino and Black people have committed a crime when they really didn’t. This could affect how AI programmed robots look at humans in general.

AI robots could turn this from just looking at Latino and Blacks to every race on the planet. This could cause AI robots to not want to work for companies and it could be very dangerous for people. In addition, AI would attack them because of racial or human preference. This could become what come people might think of as AI robots taking over the world.

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