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AI for Farming

By: Ethan Shen

AI is a rising technology that has the potential to revolutionize farming. Large and small, there are already a lot of farming equipment companies using ai to minimize the amount of herbicides used. This is important as the technology reduces soil pollution, and helps eliminate weeds more effectively. Because weeds compete with crops for space and nutrients, they are estimated to lose just one crop - winter wheat in the US and Canada $2.2b. The companies reduce herbicide usage by creating a product with a lot of cameras and a lot of spraying nozzles. Only when the cameras and AI detect a weed will the nozzles spray. This is possible by using an AI to identify weeds, with a database that has hundreds of thousands of images. This helps farmers by saving money on herbicides, and by killing weeds more efficiently. To top it all off, AI is completely software-based, meaning you don't need to buy a new product in order to get the new features and capabilities of the updated system. AI truly works wonderfully in conjunction with farmers.

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