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After-School activities Boosting Child Wellbeing

By: Amanda Yang

A recent discovery has found that more after-school activities will improve a child’s well-being and happiness.

Researchers from the University of South Australia (Or UniSA) studied 61,759 students. The researchers assessed the children's happiness related to the average number of days per week children participated in after-school activities.

The results of the experiments show doing after-school activities like classes, sports, or just going on a walk will improve wellbeing. Having after-school activities will enhance your well-being while looking at an electronic screen will do the opposite.

Lead researcher Dr. Rosa Virgara said the research highlighted a big need to encourage families with children to sign up and participate in afterschool activities. “Screens are a massive distraction for children of all ages. Whether children are gaming, watching TV, or on social media, there’s something about all screens that’s damaging to their wellbeing,” she says.

She said the research even showed children who already reported feeling happy benefited from participating in after-school activities.

The problem is more than the lack of exercise and movement while looking at an electronic screen. Virgara’s research showed that doing homework and reading while staying or sitting still has a positive impact.

This new piece of information tells us that we need to find ways to encourage children of all ages, cultures, and personalities to get off their screens and partake in activities that get them up and moving to make their well-being better.

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