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After a terrifying crash, Carlos Sainz still manages to get Britain’s Grand Prix

By: Connie Cao

Even after a terrible accident, a talented racecar driver claimed his maiden Formula 1 victory after the race for Britain's Grand Prix.

According to BBC Sports, Lewis Hamilton was in the race for the win but fell short, finishing third behind Red Bull's Sergio Perez after a frantic final nine laps following a Zhou Guanyu collision. Leclerc came in fourth, squandering the chance to gain much ground. Due to Ferrari's race strategy, the Red Bull driver dropped to seventh place and suffered a six-point penalty.

The collision between Mercedes' George Russell and Pierre Gasly's Alpha Tauri, which sent Russell spinning into Zhou's side, caused Zhou's crash, according to BBC Sports.

Dramatic events kept happening as the race went on. Zhou Guanyu fell face-first across the gravel trap, but the car paramedic managed to release him, and the medical center pronounced him in good condition. After being punted against the wall by Sebastian Vettel of the Aston Martin, Alex Albon, the driver, was taken to Coventry Hospital for examination.

Brilliant racing continued in the race. With six laps remaining, Leclerc attempted to maintain his place by clinging to the next slow Vale curve. In a maneuver that the stewards are looking into, Perez "cut the apex of the second portion of the chicane" before "forcing Leclerc wide around Club," according to BBC Sports.

The race for Sainz has its ups and downs. On lap 10, Sainz made a mistake and ran off the track, giving him a terrible start. Verpetasen took the lead thanks to this error, but he punctured his tires two laps later. While telling his team he was delayed, Sainz felt under pressure. Leclerc was left in the lead to continue running as Hamilton moved down on Sainz.

Sainz felt much more under strain when Leclerc appeared behind him. According to BBC News, Leclerc claimed to be faster and stated that they were in a race, but eventually, Ferrari directed Sainz to accelerate at a rate he couldn't match, and on lap 30, they reversed the cars.

The race ended with an incredible and astonishing victory for Carlos Sainz.

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