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After a 4 Set Thriller, Novak Djokovic Reigns at WimbledonOnce Again

By: Richard Huang

On July 10th, former world No. 1 Novak Djokovic defeated Nick

Kyrgios at the 2022 Wimbledon final, claiming his 7th win at


As the youngest of the “Big Threes” in this sport, the 35-year-old

claimed his 21st Grand Slam championship title, one ahead of Roger

Federer and one behind Rafael Nadal, who withdrew from

Wimbledon at the semifinal because of his injury.

The first set of the match was obtained by Kyrgios by 4-6, but as an

experienced finalist in many tournaments, Djokovic stayed calm and

found a way through the match, winning the next three sets by 6-3,

6-4, 7-6 (7-3).

His 7th win at Wimbledon had “obviously [made him] over the

moon with joy and happiness of experiencing this moment once


When he was asked about his feeling towards winning this particular

tournament, he said it is “extra special” for him. “Because it has

been the first tournament that I’ve ever watched as a kid that got me

to start play[ing] tennis.” Djokovic said in the post-final press

conference at Wimbledon.

Djokovic’s calmness is perhaps the key for his victory on many

occasions. At the quartet-final against Jannik Sinner, Djokovic was 2

sets down, but he managed his emotions and motivated himself to

change the momentum of the match, and eventually pulled another

incredible and iconic comeback win.

As an opponent, Kyrgios complimented Djokovic for his control

over his emotions. “He’s just really composed,” said Kyrgios after

losing the final. “It’s weird, I felt like he didn’t do anything amazing

today… [I] just felt like he was never rattled, and I feel like that is

his greatest strength. He just looks completely within himself the

whole time.”

Djokovic’s victory may be the pinnacle of his career in 2022 since

his opportunity to play the U.S. Open remains uncertain because he

stays firmly unvaccinated. The same situation occurred in the start of

the year when he was denied the chance to play the Australian Open

and multiple tournaments such as Indian Wells because of his

unvaccinated status. At the French Open, he was knocked out by

champion Rafael Nadal at the quarter-final, making him slip down

the world ranking even more.

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