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Afghan Teen Reaches the US, but Leaves his Family Behind in Kabul

By: Chloe Wu

Despite the Taliban’s threats and unfair rules imposed on Afghan residents, a teen was able to escape successfully and arrive in the United States. However, he was forced to leave his family behind in Kabul, where they must continue facing the dangerous situation the Taliban takeover presents.

We call the teen BH, as his name is withheld for security reasons. BH and his family were pushing themselves through crowds of people, hoping to board one of the evacuation flights. "Everyone was pushing each other and they didn't, you know, care about old people

and children," he states. BH managed to enter a C-130 aircraft, but in the process of doing so, was separated from his family. Seventeen-year-old BH evacuated Afghanistan.

He arrived in the United States with mixed emotions - although he was grateful for his own safety, he was also miserable with the guilt of leaving his family behind. BH flew to Virginia, as he heard that the education systems were good. He recalls, "... I found out about Virginia, it has a good education system. And that was my goal to achieve." The State Department offered help for jobs and education and supported the refugees financially for three months. BH was able to enroll at Alexandria City High school as a junior. With the help of the staff members, they were able to reach out to the Christ Church, which had been trying to help new refugees from Afghanistan. There, BH was able to receive financial help.

The Afghan Adjustment Act was passed by Congress, to speed up the permanent residency for refugees. Fortunately, BH’s application was accepted and BH is close to becoming a resident.

As worldwide communities learn about the situation revolving around Afghanistan, BH’s story serves as a reminder of the need for assistance and compassion at times. Organizations and governments try to work together and provide safety and support to those displaced by the current situation in Afghanistan.

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