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Afghan Teen Made It in the US Without His Family

By: Ming Jia

BH, an Afghan teen, was separated from his family in August 2021, he said the last time he saw them was when they were trying to board planes when the Taliban went into the city. There were many scared Afghans and some of them died. He was separated from his family because of a crowd and ended up at a gate. Then showed his documents to an American soldier and was then guided to the plane without his family. At that moment, the Taliban was trying to invade the Afghans and he called his mother but no one picked up.

After he was on the flight to the US after the first leg of the flight (where you stop somewhere and may or may not switch planes) which is in Doha, Qatar, he finally could call his mother, and "She was crying. That's the only thing she did," he remembers. "It was a dark day for me because I lost my whole family."

"Everybody in the camp had a relative in the U.S. and they said 'Hey, come to California. It's a good place.' And I said 'I don't have any relatives here,' " BH says. "Then I found out about Virginia, it has a good education system. And that was my goal” said Tom Bowman. He went to Virginia, and the State Department offered to help and he went to Alexandria City High School as a junior. He had weird jobs and didn’t get to talk much. Soon, the teachers found out that he didn’t have a family so then he was sent to a church that helped escaping Afghans. The church was also stunned because he didn't come with his family. Since he had no family there, it was hard for him, but to add up with that, people didn’t want Afghans because their suspected crimes and lack of documents.

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