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By: Puter Kang

PART ONE: Tiny Residents

Tom never realized it.

He was sleeping after a delicious lunch - salmon fillet and sushi.

When he woke up, he thought he woke up. He did wake up indeed. But he was in an entirely different place. He looked up - there was a marble sized object that was shining brightly and miniature cotton-candy like objects.

Tom thought he was dreaming. It was the most obvious thing that would ever be. He pinched himself hard on his arm, and he felt it. It hurt. He had to assume that it was not a dream, at least for now.

All of a sudden, his legs started to itch. He looked down - and he was shocked. Millions of tiny people were gathering around his shoes, observing the giant. Some were throwing javelins onto his waist, some were firing with guns, some were driving cars on his shoes.

It was unbelievable. The cities were tiny - their skyscrapers were the same height as Tom’s sneakers. Finding an old magnifier in his bag, Tom tried to see the people more carefully.

The police cars were parked on Tom’s shoelaces, and some residents were throwing knifes onto him. Tom didn’t feel any pain or harm, he just itched really badly. He plucked out a javelin from his T-shirt and threw it away. Hopefully no one was harmed, he thought.

Tom couldn’t move - if he had, he would have killed half of their population with a step and their buildings and statues and everything would be in ruins. He didn’t know what to do - he felt like a murderer, after landing randomly on a lot of buildings.

Tom couldn’t stand it anymore. Suddenly, a sneeze was forming. His nose was itching, and...


He sneezed right onto the ant-like residents and the tiny city.

In the city, a storm formed. Everyone thought a hurricane was formed, and before they even alerted each other, they were blown apart, with everything else around them.

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